Firesteal Health Care Community
2013 JUN 11

by Logan Hoffman

Some of the residents of the Firesteal Health Care Community came to the My Fishing Pond Inc., hosted by Vern Eide, that took place on Tuesday, June 11. 

“This is the second year we participated in a My Fishing Pond Inc. event,” Betty Kippes, the Firesteal Health Care Community activities coordinator, said. “We were invited the second year by the president, John Alvarez. The Vern Eide company has helped both years. The residents love to come out to the fishing pond. They enjoy the outing, and they look forward to catching the fish, the environment, and the picnic meal that’s cooked by Vern Eide.”

The event started at 9:30 A.M. and went to 12:30 P.M. The residents came and were immediately eager to start fishing. Ten residents and eight volunteers and guests attended the event. Roughly 10-15 fish were caught among the guests.
At about 11:30 it began to rain.  The residents and volunteers gathered into the picnic area for an early lunch as a result. For lunch they had hotdogs and pork bacon cheese burgers. After a great lunch and a great day of fishing, the residents of the Firesteal Health Care Community headed home.

“It was a great turn out this year,” Alvarez said. “We had more people come this year, and we really hope they will keep coming and spread the good word around.”