Firesteel Health Care in Mitchell, South Dakota
2011 June 24

   Resident Sally of Firesteel Health Care from Mitchell, SD, is not from around here. She used to live in Scotland where she went to school with Shawn Connery, before he became ‘The’ Shawn Connery that is. She ended up here, after her many travels, when she moved to Iowa and married a man from Ethan, SD.
   “I’ve had a good life,” Sally said, “Seen many great and beautiful things.”
    Singing was also one of her passions; we even sang ‘My Bonnie lies over the ocean’ together.
    The whole time though she kept on remarking at ‘how lovely the pond was’ and her heavy Scottish accent made it sound even more wonderful every time she said it.      
   My Fishing Pond hosted an event and celebrated a birthday, June 24.
   Firesteel brought ten anglers to fish the day away and this was there first time visiting the pond. They plan to come back again in August.
   “It was just beautiful out!” Activity Director Karla Phillips said, “It was a great day to go fishing.”
   Gertrude Miller turned 94 on that day.
   “It was pretty good birthday I would say,” Miller said.

   Anglers Leonard and Fran tied for catching the biggest fish, they both received a hat.
   “That was some fish I caught!” Fran said.
   Volunteers Ben Sevigny and Craig Tischler from Vern Eide cooked and donated the food for the event.