South Dakota Achieve from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2011 June 16

South Dakota ACHIEVE (SDA) was started in 1958, to look for a better way of life for children
with disabilities. SDA wants to ‘find innovative ways for people with disabilities to achieve their
dreams.’ The trip to the fishing pond contributed to their purpose and values of SDA which are
‘Provide a safe and secure environment which mirrors our values,’ ‘Foster an environment of dignity
and respect’ and ‘work together toward common goals.’
“There was lots of fish,” angular Adam said.
They brought 12 people and three staff.
“The day was good,” Anji Wiley said, “We had a lot of fun.”
The hamburgers were donated by Todd Shoemaker and cooked for us and brought along two volunteers Jordan and Brady.

“I caught the first fish!” angular Julie said, “It was fun and I liked catching another big fish as well.”
“It was a beautiful day and people caught fish,” Amanda Lynn said.
This was the first time that SDA came to the pond.