Salem Mennonite Home in Freeman, South Dakota
2011 June 13

“Keep reeling Elva, just keep reeling,” volunteer Randy Ehrismann said, “go slow, don’t rush it.”

 Elva was very patiently reeling her rod with an intense expression on her face. That fish was going to be caught whether it liked it or not.

“Wow! That’s quite a fish!” volunteer Joe said, “It looks like a trout, but I cannot be sure yet.”

The fish weaves back and forth trying to get free but to no avail. It is caught!

“It’s a catfish!” Joe said, “It must be about 8 or 9 pounds.”

They get the hook out of its mouth and rush it to the overjoyed Elva for a picture.

“That is one huge fish.” Elva said.

Then back quickly into the water it goes to be joyfully caught by another angler, all part of the My Fishing Pond’s catch and release program.

 The Salem Mennonite Home in freeman visited My Fishing Pond Inc., June 13.

“The day was pretty good,” Activity Director Denise Peterson said. “We caught many fish and they really enjoyed it.”

This group is one of the first groups to come to the pond this was their eighth time visiting and they brought nine people.

“I caught a lot of trout,” resident Roland said, “I also caught the first fish.”

Volunteer Ethan Dow caught the biggest trout.

Ethan Dow displaying his big trout

“It was really fun to catch that big fish,” Dow said.

Other volunteers were Jeff and Joan Dow, Ehrismann, Elena Leitheiser and the home brought along Linda Sorensen, Larry and Brigitta Hofer to help as well.

Larry Hofer holding the big bass he caught

The food was donated by Bob Pidde from Jamboree Food’s and cooked by Ted and Cindy Hofer.