Good Samaritan Assistant Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2011 June 08

Good Samaritan Assistant Living in Sioux Falls visited My Fishing Pond Inc, June 8.

“I’ve been to the pond before and it’s always a nice time.” resident Tony said.

Throughout the day, some fish seemed to play with the anglers. Some different kinds of bass and trout kept close to the shore and swarm back and forth. So close that you could catch one easily with a net, but they were too fast. The fish did not want to bite even if they put their poles right in front of them.

“I had one fish right underneath me that just kept on coming back,” resident B-Jay said. “It was a trout with a stripe down its back so I could always tell that it was the same one.”

Neither the teasing fish nor the cool cloudy day stopped the group from catching many fish and enjoying their day.

There were 15 visitors of the pond, and the oldest was a couple married for 72 years, both of them 92.

This is their fourth year in coming to the pond and they plan to come again.

“I caught a big bass and some trout!” resident Gloria Hilton said, “And I won a hat because mine was one of the biggest caught.”

The volunteers for the event were Chuck Amdahl, Jeff, Joan and Becky Dow, and Wellness Director Laura Dressler helped cook.

“The day was just wonderful,” Activity director Michelle Lommel said, “We love to come down here and catch some fish.”