Tieszen Memorial Home in Marion, South Dakota
2011 June 04

It was a great day for fishing! The sun was shining; birds were singing and only a slight cool breeze in the air. The group showed up ready to fish and we weren’t about to deny them the opportunity.

 Once they were all situated by the pond, whose cool waters are home to many trout, bass, blue gill, and sunfish, we gave them their poles. Not all wanted to fish; some were there to just sit out in the cool shade. The day started out slow maybe a few trout here and there but then the bass came, largemouth, smallmouth and even some blue gill hooked our poles. So it was just another day at My Fishing Pond Inc.

The Pond fished up another event with the Tieszen Memorial Home in Marion, June 4.

“We come for the enjoyment,” Activity Director Jody Schaefer said, “The residents just love it!”

There were seven residents visiting, and the oldest resident was Clancy Thill.

“I caught a huge big mouth bass!” Thill said.

Resident Arlene caught the first fish; she won a hat and a cow clock.

“We caught some nice ones,” Arlene said, “I would love to come again and it was a fun day.”

This was the group’s fifth time in coming and they plan to come again.

“It was a real nice outing,” resident Louis Kramer said.

The volunteers were Marvin Fluth, all the way from Montana to help catch and release for My Fishing Pond’s, Jada Steen from the Tieszen home and Shelly Jansen the bus driver.

“I came here saying I wasn’t going to touch one of those slimy fishes,” Steen said, “But that didn’t happen, by the end of the day I was baiting minnows.”