Day Break of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2011 June 01 

In a garage shed, you hear people talking about the day, what bad weather they had on Monday, and what fish they caught. The volunteers help serve food and visit. Then the noise stops as they eat the good food set in front of them. After lunch, they debated how many fish they caught, they do not know for sure but more than 20.

A group of old ladies in the corner love to sing. They sing songs from childhood lullabies to patriotic songs. This little group is so full of happiness and life that its songs make everyone join in for America the Beautiful. So, the whole garage is no longer just filled with noise but one in unison melody. The lively old lady’s are almost as much of a jewel as the pond that made the memory itself.

My fishing Pond Inc is back in action it started its fishing season with Day Break, an adult Daycare, from Sioux Falls, Jun 1.

“The day was just wonderful,” Daycare caregiver Laurie Elkafifi said, “It’s great to come to the pond and I like that they have helpers at the pond itself to help us fish. It was just a good outing to go on.”

Volunteer Ali caught the biggest fish, and Daycare attendants Bobbie and Carla came in second.

Ali and a volunteer from Daybreak displaying the huge fish Ali caught

“That fish was gigantic!” Ali said, “It was fun to catch too.”

The group has been there one other time two years ago.

“I caught a huge fish!” Bobbie said, “And I had a good time and it was a lovely weather besides.”

After they were done fishing, some of the volunteers got to take home some trout.

“It was cool to catch a huge trout!” Carla said, “I also caught about 5 other fish.”

Special thanks to the Mitchell Locker for the sausage brats, “Everyone really liked them.”Day Break Group