Corsica Good Samaritan Cener
2010 June 25
by Elena Leitheiser

My Fishing pond was visited by three groups the Good Samaritan is Corsica, Gooden living Center in Armour and Prairie Villa Assistant Living Facility in Armour. 
The Good Samaritan brought seven residents and three staff. The Prairie Villa brought seven residents and two staff. The Gooden Living brought three residents and one staff.
“I caught the biggest fish, “resident June Knuth said. “It was a beautiful day to fish. It was a fun outing. One person even caught a clam.”
The volunteers were Sandy, Austin, and Dana Schleich, Randy Ehrismann and Elena Leitheiser.
“We learned about My Fishing Pond from Randy my uncle,” helper Donnelle Hoffman said. “He had volunteered from John Alvarez before.”
They had honey baked ham for lunch.
“The ham was a nice touch to the event.” president of My Fishing Pond John Alvarez said.
This is their sixth year coming to My Fishing Pond.
“I love that we get to be outdoors,” Hoffman said. “And we have fun catching fish.”