Freeman Oakview Terrace
2010 June 21
by Elena Leitheiser

The Oak view Terrace in Freeman visited My Fishing Pond, June 21.
    “I have been fishing all my life,” resident Jean Walter said. “The first time was in a creek when I was ten and the last time was in the Missouri. I had a son who liked to fish and when I retired we started fishing together.  I like that here I can still fish.”
     It was they’re first time.
    “I used to work in Yankton and John Alvarez came to my husband’s shop for donations,” Deb Dandt said. “And we heard about My Fishing Pond from him then.”
    There were six residents.
    “I am 100 years old and eight months,” resident Otto Perhim said. “And I still like fishing.”
    There were three helpers Joleen Tomas, Deb Dandt, Keith Bingle.
    “It was fun father’s day outing.” Joleen Tomas said.
    There were four Volunteers Elena Leitheiser and Sandy, Austin, and Dana Schleich.
    “It was the perfect weather for fishing,” President of My Fishing Pond John Alvarez said. “And everyone caught a fish.”