Salem Mennonite Home in Freeman
2010 June 19
by Elena Leitheiser

The Salem Mennonite Home in Freeman visited My Fishing Pond, June 19.
    “I like to fish,” Assistant Denise Peterson said. “We had a great time.”
    There were seven residents.
    “It was really fun,” resident Martha Tschetter, who caught the first bass and won a hat, said. “I was making quilts for the sale and I was glad that I got a break and did some fishing. I also enjoyed winning the hat.”
    There were five volunteers Tim DeBoer, Dane Anderson, and Matt, Christa and Denise Peterson.
    “I just love volunteering and being out with the residents,” Denise Peterson said.  “I remember the first time that John called the place and we went out here for the first time and we have been coming every year since.”
    This is their sixth year.
    “I caught the biggest and the most fish,” Pete Grayber said.  “And it was all because John put me in his ‘favorite spot.’”
    Ted and Cindy Hofer cooked the food.
    “I special ordered the food from Bob and Pat at Jamboree Foods in Freeman,” Ted Hofer said. “I made Louisiana Seafood Boil. It had steamed shrimp, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes.”
    This is the sixth year also making food for the group.
    “Other years we have been hamburgers, brats, and pork loin,” Cindy Hofer said. “We started back in 2002 when John sold Raffle tickets at my husband’s shop. Then he asked in 2004 if he would come volunteer. Also every year we come out it he has added more to the pond.”