My Fishing Pond Inc. wraps up 2009
Bridgewater Tribune
Moving on from 2009 to 2010 I have two short stories to share with you. As you all know we hear about the Big Pipeline coming to South Dakota. Just miles from My Fishing Pond, Inc, different workers passed by doing their job to line up the projects. As time went on Michels Corporation came with a large group of experienced men and women doing all kinds of jobs. There was a concern about the traffic but they handled it in a professional matter. They did a wonderful job wetting down the roads to keep the dust from disturbing the 400 + anglers at the pond. Working in the mines for 27 years, I know they had headaches in different areas but looking at the job over all they did a neat job. Michels Corporation came and just like that they finished their project. I had a chance to visit with the superintendent Keith and he helped me sell raffle tickets to our 2009 fundraiser before he left. I also had an appointment to meat the project superintendent Mike Brouille and he donated $500.00 to My Fishing Pond, Inc. Thank you so much Michels Corporation for helping us in 2009.

Every year John Alvarez, president and curator of My Fishing Pond, Inc takes days and weeks to produce the Sioux Falls, Mitchell and golfing packages for a fundraiser. Then it takes months to sell tickets door to door and at different events. We do have help from volunteers and that is why we succeed. As you know we can not sell everyday because the weather conditions can be bad. The Board Members of My Fishing Pond, Inc. would like to thank each and every one for selling tickets and those what have volunteered in there own way to help out.

Terri Shape of Bridgewater has not only volunteered but she won the Sioux Falls package in 2008. Most of the winners from the raffle fundraiser have helped out and that is how South Dakota people show their generosity. Terri and I sold raffle tickets on December 12, 2009 at the Holiday Bazaar in the firehall in Bridgewater. There were 13 or so great people selling all kinds of things that were great for Christmas presents. At the end of the Holiday Bazaar we took all the tickets that we sold that day and put them in a bucket and drew for 3 prizes. Barb Meyer from Bridgewater won a hand vacuum, Katie Stahl of Sioux Falls won two $5.00 off buffets at Pizza Ranch, and Sarah Beeler from Sioux Falls won a Santa on a boat fishing. Everyone’s tickets were still good for the main Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Golfing, and Shotgun raffles.

My Fishing Pond, Inc has a Sioux Falls, Mitchell, and Golfing fundraiser going on now. Tickets sell for $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00 and the drawing will be May 21, 2010 at Merchants State Bank. I will be selling tickets and for those that I missed, Farmers State Bank, Wildcat Inn, and Potter Tire and Service LLC in Bridgewater will help give you an opportunity to win and keep the pond open for 2010. For those that love to hunt, we have a Mossberg Over and Under Shotgun and A1-Al’s Hunt valued at $1,115.00 plus a second winner for a one person hunt valued at $250.00. Two winners on one $10.00 ticket and the drawing is September 24, 2010.

Hopefully Mother Nature keeps the fish alive for the 2010 year.